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Latest advances in biological control and pollination of fruit crops


Visitors to the Koppert stand (number 517) at Fruit Focus will be able discuss the latest advances in biological control and pollination of fruit crops with our specialist team.  This will include information on the new product Aphiscout, which has been successfully used to control a range of aphid species in soft fruit crops this season.  The product contains a mixture of five different parasitic wasps, to control the most commonly occurring aphid species.

A new ‘scouting app’ will also be introduced by Koppert at the show.  Thisapp uses today’s innovative technology and consists of two components:  a scout app with an intuitive interface, and an online dashboard. While the scout app allows growers to introduce data directly, the dashboard gives insights into pest issues for analysis of the problem, treatment and management.

The stand will also show a series of Koppert films on a continuous loop, featuring the life cycle and biological control of individual pests, such as spider mite and thrips. 


For growers, advisors and others seeking BASIS points it is also possible to sign up for 2 CPD points at the Koppert stand, this being allocated for readers of the online Biojournal.